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College Remediation

College Remediation is a form of supplementary education that is used to assist students in achieving expected competencies. This program focuses on core academic skills such as numeracy and literacy. Unlike special education that is designed specifically for students with special needs, college remediation can be created for both students with or without special needs. The need for these programs stems from the lack of preparedness of some students. 

They are also known as Development Courses. In the United States, College Remediation is offered by both community colleges and university campuses. Mostly, each college sets its score thresholds to determine which student requires the program. The selected students are required to complete these courses before advancing to the college-level. 

The remediation helps in addressing the weaknesses of students and guiding them in becoming well-rounded adults.  This addresses the needs of students and acts as a buffer before the actual training starts.

This remediation allows these students to feel confident about themselves and helps them in acclimatizing to college. Although there is some evidence that proves how students in remedial classes never happen to succeed in the traditional classes, the advantages that these programs offer are reason enough for every college to provide them.  

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