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College of Vocational Studies

The College of Vocational Studies is a co-ed college maintained by Delhi University. The College of Vocational is one of the pioneer institutions in the country to offer Vocational Studies. The College of Vocational Studies seeks to bridge the gap between traditional university education and the changing socio-economic environment. Vocational courses allow students to combine general education with job-specific skills and knowledge.

The Colleges of Vocational Studies aim to help students seeking admission not only in vocational courses but also in other professional and conventional courses. The authorities of the College of Vocational Studies aim to bring the practical aspect of higher education. The mission of the college is to make the students ready to excel in their respective fields of study and further their career, be it professional courses or vocational courses, humanities or commerce.

Vocational studies or vocational education prepares students or learners for jobs that will be based on manual or practical activities, traditionally non-academic and totally related to a specific occupation or vocation. Vocational studies aim to prepare students opting for it for manual work rather than bookish knowledge or desk jobs. Some of the subjects that fall under vocational studies are – Electronics Technology, Dairying, Horticulture, Health Care and Beauty Culture, Auxiliary Nursing etc. Vocational courses are meant for the purpose of training which is pursued by students who want to develop practical skills rather than theoretical knowledge. Vocational degrees offer training for careers, such as medical coding and billing, auto mechanics, cosmetology etc.

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