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A cohort is a program in which students make a group and remain in that group throughout its period. Nowadays they are going on online, in universities, a group of students is asked to do research or a project together. In simple words we can say that it is a group of classmates who are given an assignment, they all have to contribute to it and stay together in the same group till the assignment is completed.

It is very creative, students develop many skills, it is an innovative way of learning new things. When students work in a group, they all put their heads together and try to complete the task most effectively. They get a lot of knowledge because of this innovative way of learning concepts, students actively take part in it and enjoy completing the task together. There is a development of all students, they all are benefited.

You should also know the types of the cohort, it is of two types, Retrospective and Prospective. The tasks can affect the students a lot, it will make them test their brain, they have to put their mind to perform the task in the best way. We can say cohort is very beneficial for students, all students should have this experience.

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