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Class Size

Class size refers to the total number of students in each classroom. Depending upon class size, the teachers may divide the students by making an active learning classroom, where they engage the students in deep learning activities rather than surface learning. Active learning strategies promote a more distinguished order of thinking skills and actively engage in the subject. 

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Different students have different capacities for learning. By applying the cognitive load theory, the teachers usually divide the class size into heterogeneous student groups to assess each student’s working memory capacity. The heterogeneous group helps the weak students understand the subject, thus helping them stay on the same page. The grouping system reduces the class size and makes it easier for the teachers. 

Active learning methods include group discussion and teamwork. It is an opportunity for teachers to encourage students to brainstorm and actively engage in the project using their knowledge and skill. Depending upon class size, active learning activities may last for multiple class sessions. 

As per the studies, active learning creates excitement in the classroom, helping the students actively participate in visual learning, problem-solving, and cooperative learning. Generally, as per the size, the teachers usually divide the students into a mixed group — weak students, average learners, and the best learners. The best learners push the weak and average students to get more active. 

For example, 75 students in grade four of St. Maria Primary School are divided into three sections with a class size of 25 students. For the group activity, the teacher usually divides the students in a group of five and gives them different tasks to perform. It makes the students apply their knowledge and learn other skills at the same time.

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