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Class Recording

Class recording refers to the process of recording the class lectures for future reference. In an era with a reduced education budget, most schools or universities adopt digital learning technology to make it available for diverse students. They also offer a e-Refund if students are not satisfied.

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Learning through recorded lectures promotes heterogeneous grouping. It allows talented students to take charge of the group teaching, helping the struggling students study better. Class recordings also make the whole group learn from each other’s skills and knowledge while they are on the same page in class. Recorded classes help ensure that students don’t miss out on classes.

At the end of each class, the teachers typically conduct action research to evaluate the result of the class recording studying. Action research helps teachers collect the data, organize and analyze them if there is some problem. 

Another benefit of learning through recording is that it promotes the cognitive learning method. Basically, it helps students to better understand and master a particular subject. Through backchannel chat, the student can refer to the notes and watch the class recording as many times the student wants. It makes learning more comfortable and more convenient. 

For example, St. Alexis is a part of a deemed university offering students complete virtual education, i.e., learning through various class recordings every day. The University charges lower fees as compared to others. 

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Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology