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Class Monitor

Class Monitor

A class monitor is an individual who is appointed by the teacher as the representative of the classroom. It is the class monitor’s responsibility to ensure classroom and exam hall discipline. They are answerable to the teacher in case of any mischief. There are a lot of responsibilities that a class monitor/ student smartly has to take care of-

1- The class monitors have to ensure that there is no mischief happening in the classroom. The classmates should not make any noise and in case they do, the monitor should take strict actions against it. They should warn the students or inform the teacher immediately.

2- It is the responsibility of the class monitor to share the messages with other classmates that the teacher shares with them. These messages may be regarding any important test, assignment, or any other general information. Hence, the class monitor should behave in a very responsible way or should take responsibility for their actions.

3- It is the responsibility of the class monitor to keep all the belongings of the classroom in its place. From the duster, attendance register, and other belongings of the classroom, the monitor should ensure that everything is in its place.

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Some of the advantages of having a class monitor batch are:

  • They can help the teacher maintain peace and discipline in the class.
  • They can develop leadership and people skills.
  • They can act as a bridge between the teacher and the students.

There are different ways to select a class monitor, such as:

  • The teacher chooses a well-mannered, responsible, and proactive student who is good at academics.
  • The students vote for their preferred candidate.
  • The teacher rotates the role among all the students on a weekly or monthly basis.

Some of the responsibilities of a class monitor are:

  • To make sure that the classroom is clean and tidy.
  • To help the teacher distribute and collect papers, books, or other materials.
  • To take attendance and report any absentees to the teacher.
  • To erase the chalkboard after each lesson.
  • To help the teacher maintain order and discipline in the class.
  • To represent the class in school assemblies or events and provide feedback to the teacher.

A class monitor speech is a speech that you give to your class when you have been chosen or elected as the class monitor. The purpose of the speech is to introduce yourself, express your gratitude, explain your role and responsibilities, and ask for the cooperation and support of your classmates and teacher.

Thank you and happy learning!

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