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Class Discussion

Class discussion is a practice where the instruction and students share their views on a particular topic that was previously lectured on. Teachers should promote and facilitate more classroom discussions as they cannot 20 help students learn from each other but also help students understand better and remember the lecture longer. 

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During a class discussion, usually, the teacher will give a lecture first for a particular period of time. Once the lecture is over, the teacher will ask important questions for teachers to the students regarding what they have understood about the topic as well as reflect on it.

Advantages of Having Class Discussions

  • Engage the students better and generate interest – Class discussions taking place along with lectures can help the children focus. Q and a session after the lesson is done chin help children get a different perspective on the topic as well as they think deeply and make connections. 
  • Helps teachers control the classroom environment – Class discussions can help students focus in class because they know that there will be a question and answer session afterward and hence they will pay more attention.
  • Promotes the habit of preparation – If the teacher regularly engages with the students, students are more likely to come prepared for every class. 
  • Promotes speaking skills of students – Speaking in a group is crucial for career development. Class discussions can help students become more confident while speaking in front of a group of people. 
  • Helps the teacher assess themself – The teachers can assess their teaching skills by undertaking such discussions because it shows how well they are able to manage within the classroom as well as how well they are able to make students understand concepts. 

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