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Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the construction of buildings, bridges, and other structures. The scope of this field is not just limited to construction, but it is also about designing and maintaining physically and naturally built structures. This field of engineering has a number of sub-disciplines. This branch of engineering is developed after military engineering. The branch was developed to distinguish military engineering from non-military engineering. 

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Civil engineering is more than the construction of dams and bridges. Civil engineers can be found in various industries including aerospace and automotive industries. Any industry that involves construction-related activities requires civil engineers. 

Functions of civil engineering

The functions can be divided into three major categories mentioned below.

  • Before construction

It includes feasibility studies, site investigations, and designs. Feasibility study measures the alternatives and decides what could work in case the original process becomes difficult to manage. Next, the construction site is investigated to know if the construction work can be carried out in the selected site. Read important blogs to follow for updated knowledge related to tech and education.

  • During construction

Designing and construction are the two things that need to be considered when building a structure. The design of structures may require applying concepts from various other engineering fields like hydraulics, thermodynamics, or nuclear physics. At the construction site, the engineers also need to maintain coordination in the teams. 

  • After construction

After the construction is completed, maintenance of the structure becomes the prime responsibility for civil engineers.

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