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The Central Institute of Educational Technology, commonly referred to by its more popular abbreviation CIET, was established in 1984 under the umbrella of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) by the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India. The CIET is located at NIE Campus, NCERT in New Delhi, the capital of India.

The CIET originated as a result of the merging of two departments of NCERT – the Center for Educational Technology, and the Department of Teaching Aids. The aim of this new institute was to make new-age technologies in mass media literacy easily available at the school level. Their activities are centered around the branches of media like radio, television, satellite communications, cyber media, and movies.

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CIET is involved in several activities such as :

  • Design, development and dissemination of alternative learning systems
  • Promotion of Educational Technology
  • Training of personnel in Educational Technology
  • Coordination of the activities of its subsidiaries such as the State Institutes of Education Technology as well as consultancy and media support for other constituents of NCERT.

The institute is housed within a spacious building having open courtyards, two television studios, an amphitheater, two sound studios, workshop, seminar rooms, technical control rooms, rehearsal areas and projection facilities, administrative areas, artists’ studios, as well as a library and canteen. The institute also offers courses in education at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level. 

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