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Childrens’ Day

Childrens Day

In India, Childrens Day is commemorated in honour of Chacha Nehru, one of the country’s finest leaders. In 1955, he founded the Children’s Film Society of India with the goal of creating local cinema for children. People all around the country celebrate Children’s Day by holding contests such as speeches, debates, and dress-ups.

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The primary goal of Children’s Day is to raise awareness about children’s rights, care, education and empower them. Student empowerment helps the students gain the power of authority to come out with their decisions for the things they want to implement and the changes they want to see in their remedial educational institutes. Children of any country are its biggest assest, their education, their well-being should be the priority. Childrens Day is the a day when even teachers prepare a lot of amazing surprises for their students. Teachers perform on stage, arranage classroom activities, and what not. Childrens Day is celebrated as a festival all over the country and a major reason for the same is Chacha Nehru’s wish. Every great engenieer, every great pilot, doctors, professors, or any other individual who contributes in taking the economy or country towards development, they were also students at a point of time. Therefore, in order to develop the society and stay ahead in the race, it is important to focus on the growth of children in a country. Let us pledge on this Children’s Day to nurture and nurture the kid within us, as well as to offer a helping hand to the children around us.

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