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Child Care Leave

Child Care Leave or commonly abbreviated to CCL, is granted to women employees for two years at most (730 days) for the purposes of taking care of their minor children. Child care leave can be availed only if the child is 18 years of age and extends over the duration of their entire service at the company. Since the number of single male parents is also increasing, a lot of people are pushing to convert the childcare leave into a family care leave, extending the facility to male parents. Understand and digitize school operations with Teachmint and its features like the parent app for efficient school management.

When CCL was first introduced, there was a lot of appreciation because it marked a positive change benefiting women employees. However, there were several discrepancies that needed to be addressed, as a result of which as many as five amendments/clarifications were issued within a short period of time. As of now, however, it is meant for only women employees. It is for them to take care of up to two children either for rearing the children or looking after their needs in situations like sickness,  examination, etc. Teachers can also equip students with various services and tools in schools.

It is treated like a paid leave and is sanctioned so as well. In the first two years after its inception, women employees started treating it as casual leave or an extension of the same and because of this, there were many leave applications taken, as a result of which work got delayed.

A clarification was issued in September 2014 to address this issue. It emphasized that CCL may not be granted in more than three spells in a single calendar year. It also stated that it may not be granted for less than 15 days at a time. However, the latter proposition was later withdrawn and as per the latest clarification issued, it was decided that the requirement of a minimum period of 15 days would be removed.

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