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Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is one of the prime branches of engineering that combines the knowledge of natural and experimental sciences. It works towards the management of industrial processes that turn raw material into something useful. Chemical engineers closely work with chemists who are working toward the development of new products. 

Chemical engineers take a cue from the scientists and translate this chemical information to formulate new designs. A chemical engineer is someone who works in the design, manufacture, and operation of plants and machinery to support the smooth running of industry-related processes. In addition, their responsibilities also include developing new substances for a wide range of products. Understand and digitize school operations with Teachmint and its features like the parent app for efficient school management.

Eligibility criteria

To become a chemical engineer, candidates need a strong background in mathematics tips and physics. In addition, they must understand the concepts of other science-related subjects. Different educational institutions have different criteria for admission to the laws of chemical engineering. Some institutes offer flexibility and accept students from all disciplines, while others have criteria for all-science students. Computer science students can also take admission to chemical engineering in some universities. Students holding a diploma or low-level certificate in chemical engineering or related fields can be admitted directly into the second-year program of chemical engineering. 

What to expect after the degree program

The degree program for this course may last for three to five years. However, the course duration depends on the institute and the country. For example, students studying this branch of engineering in India can complete the degree in four years. The lessons are taught in multiple ways, including lectures, tutorials, seminars, computer practice sessions, etc. 

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