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Characteristics of Learning

Characteristics of Learning
All the students should know the basic characteristics of learning. To understand the characteristics of learning, students first need to learn about the meaning of the term learning. Learning is the process of receiving, assimilating, storing, or receiving information. Key features of learning are the process of gaining knowledge that changes human behavior through interaction, practice, and experience.

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It is the integration, reorganization of thinking, skills, information, and appropriation in a single process. For example, if a kindergarten teaching strategies for a child learns to read, they can retain this knowledge for life. This does not always affect performance. The transition from learning may be unclear until circumstances arise in which new behaviors can occur. These activities include physical or mental activities. They can be simple and complex mental activities involving various muscles, bones, etc. During training, a person constantly interacts with the environment and is affected by it. To learn, change must be permanent, students should not forget about the topic after learning. Learning is the process of obtaining and using the information provided to an individual throughout his or her lifetime.

This makes the person’s mind active and aware, as well as being aware of the world around them. Some learning occurs randomly throughout life, based on new experiences, information, and perceptions. For example, reading the newspaper or watching the news, chatting with friends or colleagues, accidental encounters, and unexpected events. Learning involves problem-solving, that is, understanding and discovering the relationships between different content in a situation. These characteristics of learning should be known by every student.

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