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Characteristics of Good Research

There are several characteristics of good research. The research must focus on priority problems is one of the characteristics of good research. Next goes that research must be in a systematic format. It emphasizes that the researcher should make a structured procedure. The next characteristic of good research is that it should be logical.

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It is said that without putting ideas logically, a researcher cannot make much progress in the research procedure. Also, one point to note as a characteristic of good research is that the research should be replicable, it means that there should be scope to confirm the findings of previous research in a completely new or different environment with a new set of people. Another characteristic of good research is that the research should be generative. It is one of the most essential characteristics of good research as answering one question mostly leads to another couple of other new questions. In a qualitative research method like observation method, focus group, one-to-one interviews, the behavior of the participants of study is observed, and the conclusion is drawn based on the respondent’s answers and behavior. Adding to the characteristics of good research variables, it is important for the research to be relatively simple, timely, and time-bound, employing a simple and less complicated design. The research also is cost-effective as possible by using the appropriate research and interview tools like storytelling

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