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Characteristics of Computer

Characteristics of Computer

All the students should know various characteristics of computer, here are some of the main characteristics of computer. Computers operate much faster and more accurately than humans while performing mathematical calculations. Computers can process millions of instructions per second. Computers take microseconds and nanoseconds to operate. The computer performs the calculation with an accuracy of 100.

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Errors can occur due to data inconsistencies and inaccuracies. Computers can perform millions of tasks and calculations with the same consistency and accuracy.  Computers don’t feel tired or lack concentration. The storage capacity is far more than humans. Versatility refers to the ability of a computer to perform different types of teaching work with the same accuracy and efficiency. Computers are reliable because they provide consistent results for similar datasets. Students can get the same result by typing the same record multiple times. The computer will perform all tasks automatically, it performs the task without manual intervention. The computer has built-in memory called primary memory that is used to store data. Secondary storage is removable media such as CDs and USB sticks that are also used to store data. Computers can store large amounts of data in a small space. Compared to before, modern computers have higher storage capacity. In addition, students have the option to save the data to a secondary device such as an external drive. These secondary devices can be disconnected from the computer or connected to another computer. These were the important characteristics of computer. 

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