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Chalk Board

A chalk board or blackboard is a surface that the teacher uses to explain concepts to students. They can write on this board with a stick made of calcium carbonate. This writing stick is also known as chalk. In the beginning, the chalk board was made of thin sheets of black or dark grey slate stone. 

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A blackboard or chalk board is usually painted in shades of black, green, or grey. In addition, a matte black custom plastic sign material can also be used to make this writing surface. Apart from schools and special educational institutions, restaurants also have chalk boards where they display their special menu and offers. The boards are framed with a wooden or plastic frame. 

Advantages of using chalk boards

  • A chalk board requires no special attention. Moreover, the sticks used to write on these boards are inexpensive. These sticks also do not require any special care. 
  • The user can draw various figures on the chalk board because it is easier to draw with the chalk sticks. It is easier to draw lines of different dimensions with chalk. 
  • Chalks used to write on the board are biodegradable and do not pollute the environment as environmental studies are important

The writing boards were first used in India during the 11th century. However, the use of large blackboards was first documented in Europe. The use of writing boards in the education sector did change the methods of education and testing. Later, portable boards were made for students to make their learning journey easier. They could easily carry these boards to their schools. 

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