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We all have heard the word cgpa, but do we know CGPA Full Form or the exact meaning of the term. The meaning of cgpa is the average marks a student gets in all the academic subjects. It stands for Cumulative Grade Points Average.

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This method of marks calculation is generally used in schools and colleges. In this, the marks of additional subjects are not included. It is a different way of calculating marks. It depends on the educational institutions if they want to use this method for calculating marks. This method of calculating marks has several benefits which you would like to know. It helps to motivate students to focus more on real world learning than the percentage. The pressure of scoring in percentage is reduced. It is a professional marking method. It is a perfect marking method because it helps students to know their strong and weak points. Students can study with less stress and more concentration and focus. It makes studying more easy and comfortable. Generally for class 10th, the result is declared in the form of cgpa. It is crucial to understand how to evaluate it like how great teachers of India evaluated students. So students would like to know how to calculate it? It is mentioned on your report card clearly but you should know how to calculate yourself. It is very simple just add the marks of your five main subjects and divide them by 5.

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