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Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages or we can say CELTA is an internationally acknowledged teacher coaching and certificate program mediated and accredited by Cambridge Assessment English. For more than thirty years, it has been proposed worldwide in over sixty nations by more than three hundred schools. For new teachers looking for an initial teaching job who want to prove to employers that they have the teaching skills with a recognized certificate, CELTA is the teaching qualification exam needed.

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Till the end of the program, teachers will have: attained essential knowledge of the tenets of practical English teaching, developed a spectrum of practical skills for instructing English to adult learners, demonstrated the ability to correlate the learning in an actual teaching context are inclined to start working in a diversity of ESL educating contexts around the world. As a part of this program, teachers will: convoy as part of a minor group and receive special support and attention, attend everyday input trials focusing on language teaching and comprehension and teaching methodology plan, and provide six hours of empirical teaching and collect feedback on the performance, create four written assignments on language, learning, and teaching concept, examine other course participants.

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Teachers would be thinking about how will they be assessed, there is no written exam, but teachers will be assessed based on: planning and teaching ability to substitute what they memorize to the classroom awareness of the vitalities and deficiencies of their teaching service to input and feedback session classroom-related composing tasks.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology