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B.Ed Admission- All You Need to Know

Before knowing about B.Ed admissions, one must know what is B.Ed and how this course is beneficial? B.Ed stands for Bachelor of Education. It is generally a two-year course. This degree has a lot of significance for those seeking a career as a teacher, especially in India. One can get a teaching job only after completing this degree. This course is highly demanded in India as candidates can get a job right after completing the course. Also, these days, the demand for trained teachers is very high as the construction of many new schools is in progress. One must possess the following skills to be a teacher:

  1. Good communication skills
  2. Confidence
  3. Good organization skills
  4. Critical thinking ability
  5. Enthusiasm
  6. Patience
  7. Empathy
  8. Being a quick learner

So far, we have read about the skills needed to be a teacher; but how can one get admitted to the course? In this article, we will talk about B.Ed admission. 

B.Ed Admission

As mentioned above, this course is essential for those who want to use their teaching skills as a profession. Also, the candidates with a B.Ed degree can appear for the Teacher Recruitment Test conducted by various states. The admission process for B.Ed varies from one state to another. Some states conduct entrance exams, while others opt for merit-based admissions. While researching for B.Ed admission, one important thing you must know while researching for B.Ed admission is that graduation is required if you want to get admitted to this course. Although different states have different processes for  B.Ed admissions, the eligibility criteria for B.Ed admission are the same across all States, Colleges, and Universities. However, the subject combinations offered may vary. Let’s check the eligibility criteria for B.Ed admissions.

  1. The candidate must possess a Bachelor’s degree in Arts/Science or an equivalent from a recognized University or College.
  2. They must have attained a minimum aggregate of 50% with all the subjects put together in the degree.
  3. The candidates who have completed their Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech) with a minimum aggregate of 55% marks are also eligible and can apply for admission.
  4. Candidates wishing to apply for admission in B.Ed must be of a minimum age of 19 years at the time of applying.

As discussed, different Institutes have different admission processes. Therefore, a candidate may have to appear in B.Ed entrance exams if required by the Institute. Some of the entrance exams conducted by the institutes are as follows:

  1. RIE CEE
  2. BHU B.Ed Entrance Exam
  3. CG Pre B.Ed 
  4. HPU B.Ed Entrance Exam 
  5. MP Pre B.Ed 
  6. IGNOU B.Ed 
  7. MAH B.Ed CET 
  8. AP EdCET
  9. UP B.Ed JEE
  10. VMOU B.Ed 
  11. TS EdCET 
  12. Bihar B.Ed CET 
  13. MAH B.A/ B.Ed CET
  14. MAH Integrated B.Ed-M.ed CET
  15. Guwahati University B.Ed Entrance Test
  16. Bihar Integrated B.Ed CET (four-year B.Ed) 
  17. Odisha B.Ed Entrance Exam
  18. Dibrugarh University B.Ed CET
  19. IPU CET
  20. GLAET
  21. TUEE 
  22. DU B.Ed
  23. AMU B.Ed Entrance Exam

The application process for the B.Ed Entrance Exam varies from University to University. Most Universities offer an online application process for the B.Ed entrance exam, and candidates can visit their official websites and apply for the exam on their online portal. A candidate has to fill in their details in the form and pay the mentioned fees after filling in the details. As soon as you pay the fee, the form will be available to download. Download the form and start preparing for your exam.

Along with all the above information, there is one more part which a candidate must know while seeking admission in B.Ed, and that is the syllabus of the B.Ed Entrance Exam. This exam has five major sections, and those are as follows:

  1. General Knowledge
  2. Verbal Aptitude
  3. Teaching Aptitude
  4. Logical Reasoning
  5. Quantitative Aptitude

This is uniform for all the candidates seeking admission to B.Ed. In this article, we covered eligibility, entrance exams for B.Ed admission, and their syllabus. We hope you will find it useful while researching for the B.Ed admission process.

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