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CBSE Online Training

CBSE Online Training 
CBSE is providing free CBSE online training for all teachers to improve their teaching skills and helps teachers understand how to improve teaching and achieve learning outcomes. The CBSE Online Training Program is completely free and teachers do not have to pay anything. CBSE also said in an official announcement released on May 5 that teachers will receive electronic certification once they complete these online courses.

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In the third week of April 2020, CBSE piloted a CBSE online training offering of over 500 free online courses at 15 CBSE Centers of Excellence. Keep it in the right direction by constantly infusing new knowledge and skills based on your needs. It helps teachers review and refresh the knowledge already provided through formal education to make it clearer and more practical teaching. Caring for the quality of schooling is one of CBSE’s priorities as it plays an important role in the nation’s development. The Board is committed to providing a range of educational programs for teachers and school principals to improve their understanding of the curriculum, teaching methods, and other professional qualities.

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Through cascade mode, the committee selects and trains head coaches and mentors to ensure that the benefits of these programs are extended to all teachers and students in the school. Teacher training has become even more important since the adoption of the Law on the Rights of  Free and Compulsory Education in 2009 to help achieve the goals of the proposed teacher-to-student ratio in the Act. All the teachers should take advantage of such opportunities and learn something new.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology