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CBSE nic

CBSE nic

The Cbse nic envisions a strong, lively, and comprehensive educational system that fosters excellence in all areas of human endeavor. The Board is dedicated to providing high-quality education to its students to foster intellectual, social, and cultural vitality.

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Aim of CBSE nic
It aims to provide a learning environment and method that will enable future generations to become global leaders in the coming knowledgeable society. The Central Board of Secondary Education promotes Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, with a focus on learners’ overall growth. The Board has promised to provide students a stress-free learning environment that fosters the development of competent, confident, and enterprising students who promote peace and harmony in society. The Central Board of Secondary Education’s goal is to develop the Academic, Training, Innovation, and Research unit. It focuses to attain academic excellence by conceptualizing policies and operational planning to ensure balanced academic activities in the cbse nic associated schools.

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The Central Board of Secondary Education aims to furnish a Scheme of Studies, a curriculum, theoretical guidelines, textual equipment, a support element, enrichment training, and capacity-building programs. This board is operated by the National Curriculum Framework which was started in 2005. The basic objectives as well as numerous laws and acts enacted by the Government of India from time to time. Students must follow tips to study smartly and stay up-to-date about the exams and changes in the syllabus done by the board. They can easily be updated by searching information on cbse nic office website.

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