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CBSE Marking Scheme

CBSE Marking Scheme 

Students should know about the CBSE marking scheme in detail while preparing for their boards. The new CBSE board exam pattern for Class 10 has been issued by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The CBSE 10th Exam Pattern 2022 can be downloaded from the official website

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The CBSE marking scheme, exam duration, marks distribution for each topic, and other crucial elements are included in the CBSE exam pattern for class 10. The CBSE board will hold exams be it in MCQ format or essay format in two terms this academic year. Each term will account for half of the syllabus in the CBSE 10th examinations in 2022. According to the CBSE 10th test pattern 2022, each term would be worth 50 points. To learn more about the CBSE new pattern for class 10 in 2022, students should visit the official website. Case-based MCQs and MCQs on assertion-reasoning kinds will be included. For term 1 exams, the time limit was 90 minutes. The response should be written on the accompanying OMR sheet.

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The marks earned in Term I exams will be added to the student’s overall grade. If a standard descriptive examination is not acceptable, the board may also conduct a 90-minute MCQ-based exam. Students can use the CBSE Class 10 question papers 2022 to learn more about the exam pattern. After going through the CBSE marking scheme students should decide how to prepare for their exams. 

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