CBL stands for competency-based learning. Competency-Based Learning(CBL) is very productive for all the students as they master a skill at their speed, not taking much vigilance of the environment. It is modified according to the needs of students and can be very beneficial for students to learn in a decent way. Competency-Based Learning helps students to learn different techniques to complete the activities, it develops their problem-solving skills and thinking skills. Competency-Based Learning also helps students to learn new concepts most effectively, they try solving with different methods, work on it at a constant speed, then finally solve it with the best strategy. The three main characteristics of this Competency-Based Learning are learning outcomes, learner-centric, and differentiation. It is a student-centric approach, they provide students with different learning tools, and students decide their speed of completing the activity. Nowadays competition has heightened a lot. You need to have skills to get a good job. This learning approach helps you to master skills that can help you get a good job, they improve your brain’s thinking aptitude to obtain good outputs. The eight types are Leadership, Digital Technology, Teamwork or we can say Collaboration, Critical Thinking development with Problem Solving, Professionalism and Work ethics, Career Management, Digital Technology, and Oral with Written Communications. There are various benefits of competency learning like reduced risk, improved profitability, customers will be more satisfied, your productivity will increase which will help you to become successful at a faster pace, Efficiency increases with this learning, Cost-effectiveness, and more.

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