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CAT Exam

CAT exam is an entrance exam for getting into business schools. Around 90 or 95 of the top 100 schools in India use CAT. They use other exams for entrances too, but predominantly CAT. There are 20 IIMs – Indian Institute of Management uses the CAT exam to select students. The CAT exam is conducted only on one day. They have two sessions and three different sections, each with one hour each to complete.

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The quantitative section has 34 questions, the verbal section has 34 and LR or logical reasoning has 32 questions, here adding up to 100 questions. Each question out of 100 questions carries 3 marks. There are two types of questions in the paper – Multiple choice questions and type in the answer questions. In the multiple choice question or MCQ assessments if you get the answer wrong there’s a negative mark that is – 1 and for type in the answer question, there is no negative marking or no penalty for getting something wrong.

So the maximum mark one can acquire is 300. As the CAT exam is connected over two sessions, they have a research process called normalization of marks. It is a tough statistical process but simple terms adjust for a level of difficulty. They take the scores from both sessions and do the process to find the exact numbers. Students prepare for the CAT exam for months as it is quite tough to crack.

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