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Bursar’s Office

The Bursar’s Office is responsible for billing and collection of the university’s day-to-day charges. These charges include student tuition fees, technology fees, student activity fees, insurance fees, and so on. The Bursar’s Office acts as the institution’s treasurer and helps the institute manage its domestic and internal fees. The office’s ultimate aim is to ensure that all the student accounts are “paid off.” They send reminders to the at-risk students to clear their dues in time.

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They also oversee accounts receivables and payables that the institute is bound to receive from other organizations. Their responsibility also includes managing investments, payroll, IT, human resources, health, and overall administrative functions such as employee’s pension and managing employee’s contract at the institute. Now that teaching has moved online, they look after the reallocation of the budget as well.

Bursar’s Office manages the annual budget and conducts cost and productivity analysis at the institute. The bursar ensures that the institute uses its acquired funds soundly and correctly, and with the utmost level of transparency. In some cases, a bursar is at the same level as the controller and reports to the director or vice president of finance. In some other cases, they report to the comptroller.

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