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Bulletin Board

A bulletin board is a visual tool used in any work environment for multiple purposes ranging from communication to creative expression. Usually made from cork or foam, they play a major role in classrooms and various community and workplace setups. With respect to a classroom, bulletin boards can be utilized in the following ways:

  • To revisit concepts covered in class by visually striking charts and posters
  • To highlight the important values, definitions, and hard to remember formulas
  • To display messages to  the entire class at the same time
  • To display students’ work 

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When used in an effective manner, bulletin boards can have a significant impact in the classroom by increasing student participation and consequently sparking their creative workflow. Tough topics can be covered in eye – catching, innovative ways which helps bring forth students’ artistic sides and leaves a longer-lasting impression on them. Making the students prepare the display materials themselves aids in both interactive learning and improving social and cognitive skills.

The bulletin board has to be updated regularly with new concepts and changes in order for them to play an active role in the building classroom community. Their usefulness has even extended to the online world, with the availability of online bulletins on academic websites.

Bulletin boards are not just used in the field of online education benefits – their effectiveness makes them very useful in all industries requiring mass communication. They are most prevalent at universities and are used by several sports groups and extracurricular groups. They are used by shops, official notices, etc. Well-trafficked hallways, lobbies, freestanding kiosks, etc. often have bulletin boards made of cork which facilitate the posting of notices. At certain universities, lampposts, walls, and trees, often become posting sites in areas where official boards are very few in number.

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