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BTech Branches

Engineering has become extremely important in today’s world of innovation, so much so that the field has diversified quite a lot compared to even a decade ago. There are several Btech branches out there today that focus exclusively on certain aspects of engineering. In the very beginning, engineering branches were classified chiefly into 3 – mechanical engineering that focused on the conceptualization, design, and construction of machines, civil engineering that dealt with buildings and their construction, and electrical engineering that dealt with the operation of power grids, building electrical systems, etc. However, as society progressed, this distinction became too broad to include all these fields. For example, automobile, aeronautical and mechanical production all came under the umbrella of mechanical engineering. Therefore, the main three fields were subdivided into smaller, more niche subsets that later became nuanced Btech branches. 

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Today, even though engineering has been diversified so much, there are 5 main branches of engineering that most colleges and universities offer – mechanical, civil, electrical, electronics, and computer science engineering. Since computer science is one of the most dynamic fields in engineering today, this branch has been subject to even more branching giving rise to information technology engineering, artificial intelligence and machine learning engineering, and data science engineering to name a few. Another reason for the vast number of Btech branches is the need for more research into those fields. For example, electronics engineering emerged from electrical engineering because there was so much research that had to be done that it simply could not be done under the umbrella of electrical because the departments would be heavily understaffed and overworked to conduct research on electronics. 

The branching of engineering will not stop, as more and more research is being done and information on each branch is increasing, there will come a point where that branch will become distinct from the parent one and become separate and the cycle will continue.

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