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BTC Full Form

BTC is one of the most searched words on Google in India. Before knowing BTC full form, let us first understand what BTC is. Basic Training Certificate is a two-year NCTE(National Council of Teacher Education, Government of India) recognized certificate program that enables the interested candidates to become a teacher at the primary school. The program helps the candidates to learn all the skills required to ace the role of a teacher.

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BTC exam is conducted when a candidate enrolls for the Basic Training Certificate program under NCTE(National Council Of Teacher Education), Government of India. The BTC exam is conducted twice a year as the program is divided into four semesters, two semesters per year. These exams are considered easy to pass as a lot of study material is available in order to prepare for them. Let’s now move ahead to know BTC full form. BTC full form is also searched a lot by many people. BTC stands for Basic Training Certificate. The BTC exam takes place twice a year which gives an average of six months to the candidates to prepare for the BTC exam. To prepare for the teaching exam the candidates can simply-

  • go through the previous year’s question papers of at least the last five years because that will give the candidates an idea of the pattern of the question paper as well as differentiate between the important and less important topics.
  • make a strategy and schedule as per your convenience and follow it consistently because a dream without a plan is just a dream and consistency is the only key to success.
  • stay mentally and physically fit because as they say ‘a healthy mind lives in a healthy body and to pass the BTC exam the candidates need to stay healthy both mentally as well as physically.

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