BTC Form

The BTC form is intended for state elementary school teachers, and applicants are selected based on a merit list to become a teacher. The BTC form does not hold an entrance exam, so use grades of class 10th and 12th, and final grades to create a merit list and seat allocation. Eligible applicants are advised to apply for the BTC form only after reading all the guidelines posted on the official website. Otherwise, the seat will be canceled when the document is reviewed. Applicants can view the list of achievements by selecting a course and entering their registration number and date of birth. Applicants need to print the form and pay Rs.2000 via the SBI Collect link on the official website. The applicant’s payment will be adjusted later from the training fee. Allotment fees are non-refundable after filling the form. Applicant’s approval obtained on the basis of false, forged, forged or manipulated documents is illegal. A criminal case will be registered against him and the exclusion of re-entry to DIET for a period of time. So students should never use fake documents while filing the form. Hope all the students have understood about the BTC form.

Thank you and happy learning!

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