Break Time

Break time is a period of rest or recreation popular among school students. Students can indulge themselves in various activities during the break time. It is a valuable recreation and leisure time for students. 

Break time is crucial for the overall development of students. The major advantage of this activity is that it helps students learn new things. They indulge themselves in various plays and sports during the recess period. Such activities promote learning in younger and older students. Moreover, it aslo promotes teamwork and help students understand the importance of working in groups. If school authorities decide to withhold or interfere with break time, it may hamper the learning process of students. 

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Children have a right to play. Article 31 of The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child states that children have the right to rest and leisure. Moreover, they must engage in play and recreational activities. Such activities build their emotional and cognitive abilities. Children also believe that they interact well with other students during break time. It helps them understand their peers better and they learn new thing about their friends. Moreover, they are more likely to make new friends during the breaks. 

Schools and other educational organizations must provide sufficient time for leisure activities to students. Reducing time for breaks increases the class time but takes away valuable learnings from students. If students cannot spend time with their friends, they may face issues developing their social skills. Recess and leisure time are essential to ensure that all children get the time to play irrespective of their ability or background. 

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