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Brainstorming Synonym

Brainstorming Synonym

Brainstorming is a technique of generating ideas and sharing knowledge about a particular technical or commercial problem. In this participants are motivated to think without any interruptions. In brainstorming participants share their ideas as soon as they come to their minds. At the end of the session, ideas are ranked for follow-on action. When you are preparing for a brainstorming session it is crucial to clearly define the topic to be addressed. The composition of the group is also important.

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The members of the group should be those who are directly linked with the subject as well as those who can give excellent ideas. It can include members from in and out of the organization. There are several brainstorming meaning rules you should know. Encourage unique ideas even if they first seem to be odd, the quantity of the ideas is more important than the quality, every person and every idea has equal importance, and each idea belongs to a group rather than the individual. 
Now you would be thinking what is the brainstorming synonym? The brainstorming synonym is deliberate. There are various other brainstorming synonyms like ponder, analyze, create, invent, think, plan, dream up, put heads together, conjure up, and many more.

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