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Students should know the BODMAS rule. The abbreviation BODMAS which is followed everywhere be it school or college is used to remember the order of operations to utilize while solving mathematical problems. Brackets are represented by the letter B, order of powers or roots is represented by the letter O, division is represented by the letter D, and multiplication is represented by the letter M. The letters A and S stand for addition and subtraction, respectively. It means that multiple-operator expressions must be simplified in this order alone, from left to right.

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The brackets are solved first, followed by powers or roots, division or multiplication, and lastly subtraction or addition. The order of operations, often known as BODMAS, is a method of conducting operations in an arithmetic statement in a specific order which is taught by teachers. To make calculations flow more smoothly, math is all about logic and following a few simple rules. As a result, the BODMAS rule is one of the fundamental ideas for simplifying equations with many operators. Then, working in a clockwise direction, perform multiplication or division operations. Finally, to arrive at the proper solution, apply addition or subtraction. Numbers are the measurement units used in math to indicate amounts. Operators are two characters that are used to build an expression or equation. Subtraction and division are two operations that can be performed. Solving any statement with only one operator is simple, but it becomes more complicated when there are multiple operators.

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