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Block Scheduling

Block scheduling is a classroom schedule designation system for students. It is a part of the American education system and is used in some Indian schools and colleges as well. In this teaching method, each student has to attend four class periods daily instead of the usual six to eight daily class periods of the traditional scheduling. Teachers can plan each session for a longer duration instead of the conventional of 1-2 hours. 

In certain university and college programs, a block class could refer to receiving a single class throughout the day till the material is completely covered. Sometimes, academic affairs decide the pattern of scheduling.

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This method is commonly practiced in middle and high schools. It allows teachers sufficient time to provide uninterrupted attention to students. It also provides scope for students to participate in active learning activities.

There are two types of block scheduling:

1.Traditional block schedule: It is prepared to enable students to attend four classes every day for three months during the first semester. During the second semester, the student goes through a different set of four classes daily. This translates to 90 minutes of classes for 90 days totalling to 8,100 minutes of classes by year-end.

2.A/B Block schedule:  This implies dividing the block schedule by semesters. It may be seen that schools may prefer an A/B block schedule wherein classes follow rotation throughout the day. Students are grouped into two batches for subject-wise classes on alternate days. For instance, students segregated under Block A will have Science and Math classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. Block B students will have languages and economics on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This schedule is marked for rotation every Friday between two batches.

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