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BIP Full Form

BIP Full Form

BIP is an improvement plan for students to help them behave properly in a class, BIP full form is a ‘behavior intervention plan’. The role of people working as a part of FBA is to acknowledge what things are causing challenging behavior in the students, after identifying the causes of their challenging behavior, BIP decides what plans should be implemented to improve their behavior. Teachers help students to set their goals and then and then students have to follow them to meet the goals of the plan. There are mainly four parts of the behavior intervention plan, the detailed statement describing the reason for the challenging behavior, strategies that are planned to be used to improve the behavior, a crisis plan of intervention, and finally what are their results. 

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We can understand this with an example that how a behavior intervention plan works, imagine a student who has a habit of getting up from the seat again and again without any reason, teachers have to follow the plan, they have to remind them that you need to follow the rules, teach them various problems solving behaviors and how they have to manage them. The team of individualized education programs guides the BIP.

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