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Biometric Attendance

The Biometric Attendance system is through which organizations record the attendance of their employees. In the school scenario, it is used to record the attendance of their teaching and non-teaching staff. With the advent of technological advancement everything around us is upgrading, just like that the system of record attendance of the staff is also upgrading. Through the biometric attendance system schools and institutions are after to track the attendance of their teaching and non-teaching staff without an error as it is all done and tracked by technology. When every morning, teachers along with non-teaching staff log in for work, they are supposed to give their biometric attendance which gives a full surety that it is them and no glitch has been made. The biometric attendance is maintained by a device that captures the staff’s daily attendance via fingerprints or voice marking.

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This type of system helps the schools and institutions to track the attendance of their staff systematically. It makes use of the biometric of each staff, be it teaching staff or non-teaching staff in order to keep the record of their in and out time during the working hours. The biometric device scans the finger of the individual and marks their timings. With everything moving to an online system, the biometric attendance system has also moved onto the online attendance system. It is an in-build system for most of the software used by institutions to maintain their online schools or classes. This attendance is marked as students and teachers log in to the system or that particular app, they are marked as present. Adding to it, the system also records the in and out timings. The biometric attendance system is a feasible way of tracking and maintaining attendance records as it does not require manual work. 

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