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Best Education System in the World

There is a lot of debate as to which is the best education system in the world, and a lot of people point towards the United States of America, which is true according to surveys conducted in 2020. However, there is very good reason to suggest that Scandinavian countries, especially the country of Finland, have one of the most unique and definitely a contender for the best education system in the world. 

To begin with, Finland does not have standardized tests. The only exception to this rule is something known as the National Matriculation Exam, which is a voluntary test for students at the end of high school. All the students of Finland are graded on an individualized basis and the grading system is set by their teacher. The overall progress of a student is done by the Ministry of Education, which samples groups of students from different ranges of schools.

All teachers in Finland are required to have a master’s degree before becoming a teacher. Teaching programs are the most selective and rigorous professional schools in the entire country. If a teacher is not performing well, it is the responsibility of the principal to do something about it.

Finland’s educational system does not worry about artificial meritocratic systems. There are no lists of top-performing schools or teachers. Instead of an atmosphere of competition, cooperation. All of these factors definitely play into why Finland’s education system is arguably the best education system in the world.

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