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Behavior Management

There is a requirement of behavior management among students, they should be organized. It is a technique of modifying behavior, we can take a few examples like rules, consequences, and schedules. Rules are made to modify the behavior of students as per the need, it is necessary. The behavior of students in a classroom should be proper, they should follow all the rules, work according to the schedule and also follow the orders of teachers.

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Class management refers to building systems that support the kind of positive attitude in a classroom. Behavior management is made of techniques and procedures that will manage and exclude difficult behaviors that prevent learners from succeeding in academics. Behavior management is vital in a traditional or virtual classroom because it creates an appropriate environment for studying. When there are rules, students develop positive behavior such as respect for teachers and better learning opportunities.

Behavior management of students means modifying the behavior of students to maintain decency in class and help them improve their academic performance. The way students behave in class matters a lot. We all learn how to behave in society because of schools, if we would have never gone to school, we would never know how to behave and what our limitations are. Managing behavior is not an easy task for teachers, it requires a lot of effort from both sides from students as well as teachers.  A behavior management plan is a strategy that includes procedures that hold students accountable for their behavior and encourage them to have positive behavior without scolding.

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