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Backchannel is an online conversation amongst the audience while a lecture or class is going on in the background. It is a common practice during an ongoing online class or event when students can discuss or raise queries on the topic. Backchannel is a digital conversation or chat, which can also be made private by the teacher. It allows educators to have full control over their conversation during the online classroom session.

Sometimes, students tend to raise questions in between an online session that disturbs the continuity of the class. The query or discussion can be verbal or written, and a teacher can allow students to write or speak about the same during the classroom session.

Backchannel offers the private chat option so that no interference to the continuity happens. Private chat does not allow other students to view the discussion and secures the privacy of student-teacher conversation. It is a helpful technique in cases where students are too shy to raise questions in the class. There are many tools available that offer teachers the opportunity to organise the online classroom and make backchannels available to students.

Backchannel allows teachers to remove unnecessary messages in situations where students start their conversation. Teachers can also prevent students from posting any thoughts in the chatbox or turn off the speaker as per the requirement. It allows open and healthy discussion among the students and teachers. Backchannel has multi-fold benefits like engaging students, diverse points, opinion security, etc.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology