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Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Education is often abbreviated to its most popular acronym ‘B. Ed’. Bachelor of Education is the course you will need to opt for to be able to work as a teacher. You can teach primary and secondary school students on the subject you have specialized in if you have a B. Ed degree. However, that is the maximum you can do – you cannot teach higher secondary students with a bachelor of education degree in hand. 

There are no particular restrictions in place for people who are looking to pursue this course. However, you do need to have passed an undergraduate degree if you want to enroll in the course. This is done on the fact that to teach students, you need to have a deep understanding of the subject that they will be teaching so as to be fully equipped to teach students. If you have an undergraduate degree in any subject from a government-recognized university, you are good to go. 

A B.Ed degree helps you prepare adequately to teach and covers everything from the history to the development of the teaching profession. The subject you will eventually teach is determined by the courses you took during your undergraduate and graduate studies, as well as post-graduate studies if you have done it.

Admission to B. Ed courses are invited either directly or via entrance exams – it depends on the discretion of the college or university to make that decision. You can also pursue B. Ed from open universities, but the effectiveness of such a program depends on the learner because teaching is an active participatory process involving the close interaction between student and teacher. 

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