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B.Sc Geology

Are you interested to know about the history of Earth? Do you find interest in studying different rocks and their composition? If yes, then you can pursue a course in B.Sc Geology. 

B.Sc Geology is a three-year undergraduate course that provides insight into the structure, composition, and components of Earth. The course aims at providing education about various rocks, minerals, fossils, and crystals that are found on and under the deep layers of this planet. 

Characteristics of B.Sc Geology

The course provides knowledge on:

  • It teaches you about mineralogy, paleontology, petrology, economic geology, etc.
  • Candidates are allowed to go for fieldwork to get practical knowledge on theoretical papers.
  • It makes candidates understand various Earth-related phenomena like earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters.
  • This course can also be taken as a distance education course. Various universities provide distance learning courses on B.Sc Geology.

Career scope

After completing this course, candidates can establish a career in various private and public companies. They can work as geologists, marine geologists, and hydrogeologists. Moreover, the pay scale is also good for candidates holding this degree. 

Admission process

Admissions are based on merit lists. Candidates can apply to this course after completing their higher secondary education. However, colleges may conduct their entrance examination to provide admission to this course. The cutoff marks for this course vary for different colleges. For example, if candidates want admissions in the top-most colleges, they may need to secure more than 90%. Likewise, the cutoff of reputed universities falls between 75-80%. 

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