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B.Ed Age Limit

A lot of people ask about the age B.Ed age limit. The B.Ed age limit is not fixed. Some B.Ed universities require applicants to be at least 19 years old. Whereas some demand the minimum age of the students to be 21 years. B.Ed is a two-year course that the NCTE has made compulsory for all teaching aspirants. No further degree is mandatory for someone to land a teaching job in India. Students can pursue B.Ed through distance learning and in-class teaching. To be eligible for B.Ed, the candidates must have finished their bachelor’s degree in any subject (Arts, Science, or Commerce). There is no age limit for B.Ed admissions in the majority of universities. Earlier the B.Ed course was one year long, but now it has been augmented to two years. Students can opt for a full-time B.Ed course or a distance learning B.Ed course as per their preferences. The duration of the offline course is normally 2 years. The duration of the distance learning course can vary from 2 to 5 years. The course demands that the candidates must be fluent and vocal in their speech. Candidates are required to follow some of the key B.Ed teaching skills of teachers in order to take command of the class.

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