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B.Ed Teaching Skills

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) is a degree for those individuals who are interested in making a career in school teaching. This course has now been made compulsory for teachers at both private and government schools across India. This course trains candidates so that they can be good teachers and impart their knowledge to the students. 

The course demands that the candidates must be fluent and vocal in their speech. Candidates are required to follow some of the key B.Ed teaching skills of teachers in order to take command of the class. The duration of the offline course is normally 2 years. The duration of the distance learning course can vary from 2 to 5 years.

Most of the B.Ed teaching skills are previously planned by the teachers. Teaching skills can be mastered by the teachers by practicing as well as understanding the class. Regular interaction between the teacher and students can help the teacher gain insight into their B.Ed teaching skills. 

B.Ed teaching skills

Few of the B.Ed teaching skills that must be followed by teachers to ensure a better learning experience for the students is given below.

  • Introduction of the lesson plan
  • An explanation along with illustrations
  • Using black-board
  • Using student participation while teaching
  • Asking high-order and divergent questions
  • Repeating certain sections of the course
  • Recognizing the behavior of the students
  • Achieving closure

The above B.Ed teaching skills help the teacher to activate as well as motivate the students of the class, creating a good classroom environment that ultimately leads to effective teaching.

Importance of B.Ed teaching skills

The key points highlighting the importance of B.Ed teaching skills of teachers are mentioned below.

  • B.Ed teaching skills of a teacher helps to define their activity in a class.
  • They help the teacher understand what to teach along with how to teach.
  • It helps to create an environment that ensures students grab the maximum knowledge that is being imparted.
  • Without B.Ed teaching skills, most often, the teaching becomes monotonous, and the students become less interactive in class.
  • Teaching skills ensure that teachers involve students in the activities of the class so that they are focused during the time of teaching.

Modern B.Ed teaching skills 

Recently schools have been more focused on recruiting teachers who have modern teaching skills. A few of the modern teaching skills are:

  • Interdisciplinary approach- modern teachers must have an interdisciplinary approach that helps to connect the core subject with other associated ones.
  • Technology- the students now are much more tech-savvy, so the teachers need to grade themselves up as well. Nowadays, all teachers must know smartboards, online planners, and video clips in presentations. 
  • Psychology- recent popularity of personalized learning requires teachers to have psychological skills. 
  • Communication- teachers need to focus a lot on communication skills to interact with both students and their parents.
  • Innovation- nowadays, teachers are required to bring out their creative side to make the teaching techniques innovative and interesting for the students.

How to implement teaching skills in a class?

The implementation of B.Ed teaching skills can be done in class in the following ways:

  • Asking of questions
  • Giving relatable examples
  • Performing experiments
  • Explaining tough topics more than once if necessary
  • Symbolizing things while giving an explanation about them
  • Providing reinforcements to students
  • Playing roles if needed
  • Being silent sometimes depends upon the environment of the class.

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