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B.Ed Eligibility

To become a teacher in a school, one must earn a bachelor’s degree in Education. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that a B.Ed or Bachelor of Education is not an undergraduate degree and that one must have already graduated to pursue this course. In other words, B.Ed is a professional course, and students can get a job at a school right after finishing it. There is an exception to this rule for those who wish to become senior secondary school teachers. These students must first earn a postgraduate degree before enrolling in B.Ed. Programs.

It typically takes two years to complete a B.Ed (Bachelor Of Education) degree. Students can pursue B.Ed through distance or regular education options. The cost of pursuing a B.Ed program varies from college to college, depending on factors such as the type of institution (public/private) and the mode of Education (regular/distance). However, the majority of colleges charge between 20,000 and 100,000 rupees for B.Ed.

B.Ed Course Eligibility

A Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) or Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) degree from a recognized board/university is required for admission into a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) course.

Admission to the program requires a minimum aggregate score of 50% in graduation. Applicants to colleges for the B.Ed curriculum must achieve at least 55% in the postgraduate level. Some colleges and universities conduct entrance exams to select candidates based on their performance, and these tests are usually held in May and June.

Most colleges do not have an age restriction for B.Ed admissions. There are, however, some B.Ed colleges that require candidates to have a minimum 19-year-old age requirement.

Admission to the B.Ed Course

The admission process for students to the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) program in Indian colleges is mainly by entrance exams conducted by the states and institutions that grant admission to students. The candidates should familiarize themselves with the admission procedures at the university they are considering.

Exams consist mainly of objective-type questions about subjects such as:

  • English
  • General Knowledge
  • Aptitude
  • Basic Arithmetic
  • Teaching Potential
  • Local Language

By July/August, the results of the Bachelor Of Education exams are usually announced. Apart from theory classes, candidates take practical training courses as well. An admissions round is held after the merit list gets announced.

Completion of B. Ed Course

Candidates who have completed the B.Ed program are eligible for employment as teachers. Hence, it is worthwhile to determine whether you have the aptitude to succeed in this field before pursuing this course. Therefore, the aspiring Bachelor of Education candidates must possess these skills to pursue a B.Ed program:

  • Good communication skills.
  • Self-confidence.
  • A good sense of organization.
  • Critical thinking abilities.
  • Passion.
  • A patient attitude.
  • Fast learner.

Entrance Exams & Admission Process for B.Ed

Entrance exams are required by a majority of colleges and universities to get admission for the Bachelor Of Education course. The pattern of the exam remains more or less similar to the previous exams. In the first part of the test, candidates are tested on their language proficiency, and in the later stages, they are tested on their domain knowledge and reasoning ability. For those who wish to fill teaching positions in government schools like Kendriya Vidyalaya (KVs) or Sarvodaya Vidyalaya (SVs), they must also pass Teacher Eligibility Tests (TETs).

It is designed to learn about all aspects of their profession that they will have to deal with during the course. There are multiple languages in the classrooms, children from different socio-cultural, linguistic, and economic backgrounds, and children with other cognitive abilities.


Bachelor of Education is a professional degree program for those who wish to pursue a career in teaching. Students can pursue a B.Ed degree after completing their graduation or their postgraduate studies. An applicant to the B.Ed program usually is not restricted by age. However, certain colleges and universities limit the minimum age for applicants to 19-21 years of age.

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