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B.Ed Career Opportunities

 The field of education is given the utmost importance in India. It is a safe, stable and secure career option with exciting remunerations and benefits. Apart from the benefits, anyone involved in the field of teaching has the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of children, who are the pillars of tomorrow. 

Teaching isn’t as easy as it is perceived. To be able to impart correct knowledge and develop the mind and skills of the children, the teachers need to have good qualifications and competence. Therefore, B.Ed or Bachelors of Education is a preferred course which people inclined towards the teaching career undertake to enhance their skills. There are many lucrative options for B.Ed careers in India. 

What is B.Ed? 

Before we jump to B.Ed careers in India, let’s first understand what a B.Ed course is: 

This four-year (formerly two-year) training course for secondary school teachers is available to intermediates and focuses on the concepts and technique of teaching, leading to the Bachelor of Teaching (B.T.) degree, which was later renamed Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.). In certain places, a Licentiate in Teaching (L.T.) is regarded as comparable to a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree. 

A bachelor’s degree in education (B.Ed.) is an undergraduate programme for persons interested in teaching. A candidate is required to have B. Ed for teaching at the secondary (classes 6 to 10) and higher secondary (10+2 or classes 11 and 12) classes. 

For entrance to a B.Ed. the programme, intermediate (10+2) is the minimum required. Students in the Arts stream are prepared to teach history, civics, geography, and languages, whereas students in the Science stream are equipped to teach mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. The course will run for four years, beginning in session 2020-21, according to NCTE Regulations. Candidates can pursue a Masters of Education (M.Ed) after finishing their B.Ed from any Indian University. The National Council for Teacher Education is India’s statutory body responsible for the education of teachers.

B.Ed Careers in India 

B.Ed careers in India offer great prospects for professional growth to candidates. Anyone with a degree in Bachelors of Education becomes eligible to explore private and government B.Ed careers. Whether you have cleared your B.Ed degree or are planning to pursue the course, here is a detailed understanding of B.Ed careers you can pursue in India upon the completion of your degree. 

Teaching is one of the most valued professions in the world because it plays such an important part in the lives of students. Teachers are in high demand in both the public and private sectors. You’ll be able to work in secondary and higher secondary schools after getting your B.Ed.

A candidate with a B.Ed degree will be offered a teaching job as a permanent, temporary, part-time, or full-time teacher, depending on their interests. Candidates can choose to work in schools, education departments, coaching centres, education consultancies, home and private tuitions, and other places with a B.Ed degree.

Government Jobs For A Lucrative B.Ed Career

The following are some of the most common teaching job profiles for which applicants are recruited in government schools:

1. Primary School Teacher 

Primary school teachers are in charge of teaching children in grades one through five and are responsible for teaching a variety of subjects to students of various grades. A primary school teacher in a government school is a great way to begin your post B.Ed career as it gives you first-hand experience working in an academic facility. 

2. PGT (Post Graduate Teacher):

A PGT teacher is in charge of classroom management, topic material, and staff development activities, among other things.

3. SA (School Assistant): 

A SA’s job entails supporting teachers in lesson planning, as well as assisting students in getting ready for lessons and other activities.

4. Language Teachers: 

Language teachers are in charge of designing and preparing instructional materials. His or her primary responsibility is to teach a specific language.

5. Central Government Teacher: 

A central government teacher is in charge of instructing, leading, and evaluating pupils, as well as assisting them in various kinds of extra or co-curricular activities. Once you have reached the position of a central government teacher in your B.Ed career, you can aim for higher and better positions in a leadership capacity. 

Private Jobs For A Lucrative B.Ed Career

After completing the B.Ed course, applicants might hunt for a decent position in the private sector in addition to government jobs. Researcher, teacher, counsellor, and many more private work choices are available after obtaining a B.Ed. Below are some popular post-B.Ed careers in a private institution: 

  1. Teacher: 

Aspirants who have completed their B. Ed can pursue a career as a teacher at a private school. Coaching institutes are another possibility for a B.Ed degree holder. They may also choose to work as a private tutor. In either case, securing a teaching job in a reputed private institution boosts your B.Ed career and enables you to have a secure and exciting job. 

  1. Online Tutor:

 Due to the country’s current coronavirus outbreak, online tuition has taken the place of traditional classes. Once a candidate has completed their B. Ed, they can pursue a career as an online tutor, which is one of the most lucrative B.Ed careers.

  1. Educational Counsellor: 

Candidates who have completed their B. Ed can work as an educational counsellor. An educational counsellor’s job is to advise students who are having academic difficulties and in assisting them in choosing a course that is appropriate for their ability.

  1. Content Writer: 

A B.Ed degree holder can also work as a content writer, as many websites and portals now hire workers from numerous fields.

  1. Researcher: 

Candidates can also pursue a post B.Ed career as a researcher, which allows them to research a variety of topics.

A B.Ed career in India can reach heights if you explore the right opportunities. It is a myth that post-B. Ed careers are limited to teaching positions. In India, a candidate has a great scope for growth in various fields of education apart from teaching. Explore, research, and choose the right B.Ed career for you. 

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