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How to Prepare for ASRB

Planning to attempt the ASRB exam? Have you started preparing? If yes, we have collated here the best preparation tips that will help you pass ASRB with flying colors. Apart from that, we will also introduce you to other important details like ASRB exam eligibility criteria, paper pattern, and more.

What is the ASRB exam?

The ASRB (Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board) or ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) exam is conducted every year at a national level by the Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board. 

The exam’s objective is to identify eligible candidates for the position of lecturer and assistant professor for various reputed agricultural universities in India. If the candidates qualify for this exam, they can apply for vacancies in agricultural universities across India.

ASRB Exam Eligibility Criteria

You must be aware of the eligibility criteria beforehand to ensure you fulfill them. Here are the eligibility criteria for the ASRB:

  • Any candidate who wishes to attempt ASRB should be a citizen of India, Nepal, or Bhutan.
  • The applicants can also be refugees from Tibet who settled in India before January 1st, 1962.
  • The minimum age for applying for the ASRB exam is 21 years. There is no upper age limit, however.
  • The aspirants should possess a master’s degree from any reputed and recognized Indian university.
  • In the case of a master’s degree acquired from foreign universities, the applicants must ensure the degree is equivalent to those offered by Indian universities and recognized by the Government of India.

ASRB Exam Pattern

  • Exam mode: Online
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Language: Bilingual (Hindi and English)
  • Question Type: Multiple-choice questions (MCQs)
  • Number of questions: 150
  • Total marks: 150
  • Marks awarded for each question: 1 mark
  • Negative marking scheme: 1/3rd mark will be deducted for each wrong answer

How to Prepare for the ASRB Exam?

You need to prepare strategically for the ASRB exam to ensure productivity and complete readiness. Here are a few tips:

Cover the entire syllabus

This should be your prime focus. Be aware of the exam pattern and the syllabus corresponding to your discipline. Make a timetable that will help you cover all the important topics of the entire syllabus. 

Select the right study material

You should also have the best study material in hand. Do not go for random books. Since the ASRB is a master’s degree level exam, you can refer to the books you used for your master’s degree course. Interact with candidates who have taken the ASRB exam previously and ask for their guidance in selecting the right books. 

You can also depend on the Internet, where you can find many reliable study resources published by renowned authors. YouTube videos can also be a helpful resource. However, be conscious of not hoarding study material. Only select those that are truly reliable.

Solve mock tests and question papers

This is one of the best preparation methods for the ASRB exam. By solving mock tests and previous years’ question papers, you get a chance to practice more and identify topics you missed. You also get to gauge how adept you are at solving these papers and how much time you take to do so. 

This will help you understand your weak and strong points, which will help you prepare better. You will also understand what kind of questions are likely to be asked. Eventually, solving these resources from previous years improves the accuracy of your answers and also serves as a mode of revision for the ASRB exam.

Do not procrastinate

We all tend to make full-fledged preparation plans for exams and then procrastinate, which is not the best thing to do while preparing for the ASRB exam. There is a vast syllabus to cover. So, you must stick to your plan if you want to finish going through the syllabus and crack the exam. 

Prepare a timetable. Assign a few topics for each day and make sure you learn them on the specified date. You can also set reminders and alarms when you take some time off to balance both leisure and study time.

Believe in yourself

Self-confidence is something that most candidates ignore. It is very important to have faith in your capability while preparing for the ASRB exam. You must overcome your fears and know that you will be able to get the better of your weak areas and achieve an excellent result in the exam. Do not underestimate your mind’s power. If your mind is strong, then there is nothing that you can’t pull off.

Follow these tips and prepare productively for your ASRB exam. You got this!

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