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Automobile Engineering

Automobile engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with vehicles, incorporating the relevant elements of mechanical, electronic, electrical, software, and safety engineering as required by the manufacture, operation and design of automobiles, motorcycles, and trucks, including their respective engineering subsystems. Automobile engineering also includes the modification of vehicles. 

The manufacturing domain of automobile engineering deals with the creation and assembling of the parts of automobiles. This field, however, is extremely research-intensive and involves the application of mathematical models and formulae, and deals with the design, development, fabrication, and testing of vehicles or vehicle components from the concept stage all the way to the production stage. The three main functions of this field are production, development, and manufacturing, which are becoming their own separate branch of engineering.

What jobs would you get as an automobile engineer? To start with, there’s the role of the development engineer. The development engineer is responsible for the coordination and delivery of the engineering attributes of an automobile, such as a bus, truck, van, car, SUV, motorcycle, etc. as required by the automobile manufacturer, governmental regulations, as well as the customer who buys the product. Another job that would fit would be the role of a manufacturing engineer. A manufacturing engineer is responsible for ensuring the proper production of the automotive components or the vehicles themselves. While development engineers are responsible for the function of a certain vehicle, manufacturing engineers are responsible for the safety and effective production related to a vehicle. 

Confused as to which engineering branch you want to take up? Check out this blog, you’ll probably have a better idea.

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