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Authentic Assessment

Authentic Assessment is the style of learning that uses creative experiences to test a student’s knowledge. It allows the students to apply the newly acquired skills to situations and do problem-solving. Authentic means realistic and authentic assessment means working on real incidents. Its goal is to determine whether the knowledge of students is applicable outside of class. Schools are supposed to impart quality education. This education must include tasks that will help students face real society once they graduate. Authentic Assessment gives students that platform that will improve the overall growth of students.

This assessment engages students in the fields of their interest. It enables them to apply critical-thinking to subject matters. It also allows teachers to determine the best way to teach students. It measures the intelligence of students in a meaningful and innovative manner. This method is a student-centric approach that asks the students to do work rather than is supervised.

Authentic Assessment creates a replica of that situation which adults face in their life, for students. It assesses how students respond to them. It allows teachers to understand the behavioral patterns of students. It also gives them practice, rehearse, and get feedback for improvement. The structure of this examination can be both oral and written. Examples for this method include Report writing, debate, self-assessment, experiments, projects, etc.
As opposed to typical tests, Authentic Assessment does not rely on a correct answer. The goal is to justify the response given by students. The vitality of this technique is to protect and improve the performance of the future generation.

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