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Attendance Sheet

Attendance Sheet
An attendance sheet is a tool used to keep track of a student’s and teacher’s daily attendance. Except for students, attendance sheet is used for compensation purposes. It is made up of payroll heads’ data that are used to compute salaries, such as the present, absent, late arrivals, holidays, on-the-job training, and other types of appropriate leaves. Teachers, office administrators, and others are among the candidates. Previously, attendance forms or books were used to keep track of attendance. Slowly but steadily, as the use of computers grew, people began to keep records on computers as well. Furthermore, because of technological advancements, fingerprint machines can now be found in many businesses. These complex technologies are relatively costly, and not everyone can afford them. In India, between 40 percent to 50 percent of small and medium-sized businesses still use Excel to keep track of their finances. Student Attendance Registers are used to determine whether or not a student attends class regularly at any educational institution. It allows teachers to keep track of pupils who are present or absent in their class for the entire academic year. Furthermore, it assists teachers in reducing their burden and saving many man-hours that can be put to better use. Furthermore, the goal of this Student Attendance sheet is to maintain consistency. Every academic session should have a high level of student attendance. If students do not attend school regularly, they will not learn anything.

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