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An advanced skilled teacher who has accomplished high standards of classroom training and success and who, after upholding a national assessment, is paid to share his or her aptitudes and experience with other teachers. To serve an Advanced Skills Teacher, a skilled teacher must first be analyzed as meeting the professional standards of the role. In extension, they must be nominated for a specially-created Advanced Skills Teacher post. One of the teaching abilities is Communication. Communication is crucial as a teacher, whether they are disseminating information to a student, or learning how they can better fulfill the needs of the students. Project management skills, Leadership skills, Patience, Technical skills, Creativity, Problem-solving skills, and more are important for every teacher to have. AST is a Professional Status perceived in the Education sector, which is achieved after finishing 12 months of Professional Development and protected through membership to the Society for Education and Training. An Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) is a great teacher who accomplishes the highest standards of classroom training and who is paid to share his or her aptitudes and knowledge with other teachers. AST posts can be established on all types and phases of maintained schools and generally involve some outreach work. Skill teaching or Vocational Education and Training also called Career teaching and Technical Education & Training educates students for jobs that are based on manual or logical activities, traditionally non-academic and similar to a specific trade, employment, or vocation. Some qualities of a good educator include skills in communication, listening, collaboration, adaptability, compassion, and patience. Other qualities that can be considered part of productive teaching include an intriguing classroom, real-world memorizing,  performing best practices, and an affection for learning.

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