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Associate Professor

Associate Professor is the academic designation for an individual with a rank just below Professor. They are research and academic professionals, who besides teaching students, serve on the committee as well. 

An Associate Professor writes journals, thesis and case studies during his/her tenure in the Institution or University. Their work is often published and is used for research work by the students.

Associate Professor has an educational qualification of a doctorate and other related academic achievements and a specialisation in a subject matter or field. They occupy both full-time and part-time roles in an Institution or University. 

Rank wise, an Associate Professor has the designation above an assistant professor and below a Professor. The organization they engage with defines their nature of work. Associate Professors generally involve themselves in research activities and mentor undergraduate and graduate students. They play a huge role in the teaching-learning process.

Being lower in rank to a professor, Associate professors are involved in establishing their career at the University, so they assist their superiors in their tasks. They represent the University at various conferences and serve on faculty committees also. Another role they are responsible for is to contribute to the research work of the University.

In simple terms, even Associate Professors are teachers who teach students and advise them on academic matters. They guide students in the right academic direction and help make a successful career. 

They also help in obtaining funds for the research work by writing grants. Associate Professors have the responsibility of participating in the department meeting on hiring new joiners and budgets.

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